Shinonome Megu Shop
This shop celebrates Shinonome Megu's high school graduation. Here you can feel her memories of the three years she was in high school. There are various gimmicks to enjoy!

This is the classroom at Hiyorioka Highschool where Shinonome Megu went to.

A special voice will play when you approach the panel. There are also hand messages written on the wall and something will happen when you touch the black board.


Puppet play "Takuanman"

A puppet play "Takuanman" is one of the popular segments of Shinonome Megu's broadcast. You can play with these puppets in this area! Let's try making a theatre moving Takuanman!


Recording Room

Shinonome Megu's SHOWROOM recording room. Gifts and shining stars. (You can pick gifts up) The PV that was created with her fans is being played.


VR musical "The Little Mermaid"

One of the special works of Shinonome Megu. All of this area is the stage of this musical! You can see Marsha, the Mermaid Princes which Shinonome Megu played.

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