VRChat official shopping mall that transmits Japanese culture

Products available both in the real world and virtual

There are official shops of several companies in XRShop World(XWorld)
You can buy digital goods such as avatars, 3D models, as well as fashion items and other daily products that you can use in the real world.

A live stage in surrounded nature

Our stage will create a peaceful environment where we'll host music events and interviews!.


The shop will be open in sequence



Tech Cave Japan Music*Session

There will be an archive distribution of  “Tech Cave Japan Music*Session“, one of the official events of SXSW 2021, which is the world's biggest festival of technology and culture. This distribution consists of pitchs of 8 companies and live music sessions. You can watch it anytime till the end of March, 2021.



Take a look at the shops and go shopping.

You can access the sales page from VR space, and keep enjoying shopping.


Check out the live events that are going on.

Events will be held on a stage and each shop.


Start a conversation with another user.

Let’s enjoy communication with not only Japanese users but with others around the world!


Search “XRShopWorld” in VRChat


Come and experience the connection of the world that everyone has created.

We are inviting community members who will work together to create XRShop World until ground opening in March 2021.
Anyone, including VRChat regular users is welcome.
Come join us! Together we'll create a safe and secure space for other users around the world to enjoy.


Epito, the manager of XWorld will join the virtual world to have fun with everyone! Although he doesn't speak English well, he is still working hard so he can enjoy the conversations with people around the world. He may turn up at midnight in Japan,
so please feel free to talk to him when you see him!


Gugenka Inc.

It is a creative studio that fuses the real world and the world of Japanese anime withXR(VR/AR/MR). We produce virtual artists like Shinonome, and develop apps related to anime and characters such as the digital figures viewer application  “HoloModels™”


VRChat offers an endless collection of social VR experiences by giving the power of creation to its community.
Whether you're looking for new VR experiences or have an idea of your own, VRChat is the place to be.

We are excited to work with our partners at Gugenka as they build a new kind of experience and ecosystem using VRChat with XRShop World!


Graham Gaylor


For companies thinking of partnerships such as opening stores in XRShop World and producing digital figures, please contact us from below.

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